Answers to some of the more commonly asked questions we get.

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About Talelight

What is Talelight?

What is the Talelight display?

Will Talelight drain my car battery?

How do I turn off my Talelight?

Can I use more than one Talelight?

Are digital displays on vehicles permitted where I live and drive?

Is it safe to leave a Talelight on my vehicle?


Getting Started

How do I install Talelight on my car?

How do I download stickers to my Talelight?


Creating and Managing Stickers

How do I manage my stickers on Talelight?

How do I create bumper stickers?

Are there guidelines for creating new Talelight sticker messages and artwork?

How many stickers can I download to my Talelight at any one time?

Who can download my stickers?

How are my stickers protected from unauthorized use?


What if I need help with my Talelight?


Creating Bumper Stickers

What kind of content can I have in my stickers?

How long does the sticker review process take?

How do I sell my stickers? 

How much should I charge for my designs?

Who is liable for potential trademark issues? 

How Talelight Works

Talelight Components

Start/Wake Up Button

2”x 8” high resolution custom LCD display

High capacity, rechargeable “on board” battery

Bluetooth and USB connectivity



Built-In Software Security Encryption and Protection

About Talelight

Q: What is Talelight?

Talelight is the world’s first electronic bumper sticker. It’s a new, fun way to share your thoughts with the road whenever and wherever you want. Best of all, you can buy, create and sell your own bumper stickers through the online Sticker Store. Our website is mobile-friendly, so you can use it to manage your Talelight from any of your devices. You use our mobile app to communicate with the Talelight display.

Q: What is the Talelight display?

Talelight is a road tested, low power electronic unit that is affixed to the back of your car. It has a 2”x 8”, high-resolution color LCD display; a high-capacity, rechargeable battery; and communicates over a secure Bluetooth communications wireless link to your smartphone application.

Q: Will Talelight drain my car battery?

No worries. Talelight has been engineered so that it will not drain the battery of your parked vehicle. When your vehicle turns off, the car’s power to the Talelight is also turned off so that there is no drain on your car’s battery. Talelight relies on its own on-board battery to continue to power the display for a short period of time. After that, the Talelight enters a very low power sleep state, where it relies on its own onboard battery for power.

Note: If your Talelight does not turn off when you turn your car off, this means that the outlet you are using to power your Talelight is connected directly to your car's battery and is not controlled by your ignition switch.  Not to worry!  First, try to find a different outlet that is controlled by the ingnition switch.  If that is not an option then there is a setting in the Talelight app called MOTION SENSOR ENABLED.  Flip that setting to enabled (green) and the on-board motion sensor will take over controls of the LCD display.  When the Talelight detects your car is in motion, it will turn on, after it detects your car is idle, it will enter a low power state that will not drain your battery.  Note: If you plan to leave your car idle for a long period of time, say a month or more, then pull the USB plug from the Talelight to ensure that it does not draw power from your battery during this extended time.

Q: How do I turn off my Talelight?

The Talelight detects power coming in through the USB port.  If that power goes away, meaning you turned off your car, the Talelight will enter a low power state.  There is no need for you to do anything.

Q: Can I use more than one Talelight?

Yes, you can! You can use your account to control as many Talelights as you like on any number of vehicles.

Q: Are digital displays on vehicles permitted where I live and drive?

Talelight is low power, so the light emitted by Talelight is high enough to make your sticker viewable from a short distance but does not compete with other lights on the back of your vehicle. Talelight sticker images do not flash or contain moving images; Talelight simply displays content the same way that an old-fashioned bumper sticker does – except Talelight is electronic. Federal, state and local laws may vary.

Q: Is it safe to install a Talelight on my vehicle?

Talelight is designed and engineered “road tough,” so it can handle rain, snow, cold and heat – even pot holes! The good news is, your Talelight display can only work with the registered user’s account, so it is useless to anyone but you, the owner. (Yes, we even built in enhanced security and protection to prevent hacking.) The Talelight is mounted to your car using two small adhesive strips. The adhesive tape, developed by 3M, was designed for automobile applications, so it is strong enough to secure Talelight to your car and is safe for the exterior. The adhesive strips are smaller and much less invasive than old-fashioned bumper stickers, but do require care when removing. 


Getting Started

Q: How do I install Talelight?

It’s easy. Simply attach the Talelight display to the rear of your car – we recommend the trunk lid rather than the bumper to avoid accidental damage to the unit. Connect the USB cord to the display and then route it to a power source inside your car. Sync the Talelight display using our mobile app and download your stickers. Then start your engine…and start sharing your thoughts with the road. For more details, check out How to Install Talelight.

Q: How do I download bumper stickers to my Talelight?

Log into your account at and review your personal sticker library which is filled with stickers that you have created or purchased. Choose which stickers you want to display and when through the View Schedule page. You can schedule different stickers to rotate whenever the display is on and you can even schedule specific dates and times for certain stickers to display! Once you’re happy with your sticker schedule, click Save. The next time you are near your car, use the Talelight mobile app to synchronize your Talelight display with the schedule you created on

Creating and Managing Stickers

Q: How do I manage my stickers on Talelight?

Use the website to choose which stickers to show and then View Schedule page to set up a plan for how you wish to show them.  In the Library->My Stickers page you see the stickers you currently own.  Using the drop-down menu under each sticker image assign the stickers you wish to show to one of your Talelight displays.  You can then click the Edit Schedule button to go to the View Schedule page for that particular display.  The sticker you just moved to the display goes into the Rotation by default.  You can adjust how long each image in your Rotation is displayed, the order it is displayed, and also create a Set Schedule for that image.  A Set Schedule allows you to pick a particular date and time for an image to be shown, i.e. Super Bowl Sunday, or a day of the week and time, i.e. Monday through Friday 8AM to 10AM.  You can create as many of these Set Schedules as you like.   Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save and then synchronize this schedule with your display using the Talelight app.

Note, there are two additional ways to cause an image to show on the Talelight display.  The first is to use the Talelight app to force an image onto the display for a period of time.  This is called Talegate mode and is available in the images page of the app.  The second method is by pressing the button on the lower left of the display.  Each press of the button will show one of the images that is currently part of your schedule (both Rotations and Set Schedules).  Multiple button presses will cycle through all the images in your schedule.  The display will revert to the currently scheduled image after 30 seconds.

Q: How do I create bumper stickers?

Now that’s a fun question – and one of the best parts of owning your Talelight! You can create the artwork on your own or use our ready-to-go templates, then upload your creation to the sticker store and off you go. You can also make your stickers available for sale and make a tidy profit from your brilliance. Get started right here, right now: Store/Stickers/Upload Content. 

After trying several software packages to create stickers such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Preview, and Microsoft Paint we have found the easiest way to create a sticker is to use Microsoft PowerPoint.  Just download and open our PowerPoint template, available through the How It Works page, and you can create a new design in just minutes.

Q: Are there guidelines for creating new Talelight sticker messages and artwork?

Yes, there are. We want you to share your thoughts with the road while also respecting fellow drivers, legal trademarks and copyrights. That’s why the stickers you create are submitted through a content review process, which includes a Terms of Use Agreement, before an image is made available for display.

Q: How many stickers can I download to my Talelight at any one time?

Talelight can carry up to 25 stickers at any given time. You can collect as many stickers as you like from the Talelight Sticker Store and keep them in your personalized sticker library.

Q: Who can download the stickers that I create?

Once you create and upload an image that complies with the Terms of Use Agreement, only you can download and display that image on any Talelight associated with your account. When you create your sticker, you’ll have the option to put your sticker up for sale in the Sticker Store. If you say yes, you’ll get to set your own price for the sticker, and it will become available to any Talelight owner who chooses to purchase it. 

Q: How are stickers protected against unauthorized use?

Your Talelight is registered to your account, so only you can decide which images are displayed.  We’ve also built in enhanced encryption, security and protection to ensure that every sticker image file that displays on a Talelight will only work on one particular display.  This prevents unauthorized use of sticker images and ensures that sticker creators get paid for every use of that image. 



Q: What if I need help with my Talelight?

You can find what you need on

Creating Bumper Stickers 

Q: What kind of content can I have in my stickers?

We want to make driving fun but also be socially responsible. All sticker content will go through a review process, which checks for clearly recognizable trademarks or copyrights as well as other restrictions outlined in our Terms of Use.

Q: How long does the sticker review process take?

Stickers are hand-checked to ensure that all the Terms of Use guidelines are met – including a copyright search for images. Stickers that are marked for sale will receive a more thorough review than images solely for your own use, which may take additional time. Once your sticker is approved, you will be notified and if you are selling your sticker, it will appear in the Talelight Store.

Q: How do I sell my stickers?

When you upload a sticker, you’ll have the option to use it personally and/or make it available for sale. If you choose to make the sticker available to the general public for sale, you’ll be able to give it a name, a description and set your price. Once the sticker is approved, we’ll notify you and it will be displayed in the Talelight Store.

Q: How much should I charge for my designs?

The minimum sticker price is $1.49.  You can increase the price in $.50 increments after that. For every sticker sold, you will be credited for the price you set, less the Talelight service fee and credit card processing fee (including sales taxes, if any).  Note, the higher you set the price of your sticker the bigger percentage of the revenue you keep as the Talelight processing fee tops out at $1.40 for a $2.49 sticker.

Q: Who is liable for potential trademark issues?

The author and owner of any images that are uploaded and potentially sold in the Talelight Sticker Store is ultimately responsible for their content. Our review process checks for images that contain trademarked and copyrighted material that you clearly do not own, such as a brand or sports team logo. Beyond that, all sticker creators and sellers are responsible for their own work.

How Talelight Works

Talelight Components

  • Talelight display unit
  • Adhesive mounts for display
  • 15’ USB cable
  • Clear adhesive strips for cable
  • Welcome/Warranty card

Image Advance Button/Reset

  • If your display is on, press it to cycle through the images on your Talelight.
  • Reset your Talelight – simply hold down for ~10 seconds and your Talelight will reset.

2”x 8” high resolution custom LCD display

  • Works in every ambient light level to display crisp, clear images.
  • Designed for outdoor applications.

Rechargeable “on board” battery 

  • Allows time after the car is turned off for the Talelight to store your current status before entering a low power state. 

Bluetooth and USB connectivity

  • Power the Talelight by connecting it to a power source in your car, either an integrated USB port or a 12V cigarette lighter to USB adaptor, which is sold separately. 
  • Includes a 15’ USB cable which is designed for power only (not intended for communication with the Talelight, which only happens over the Bluetooth wireless connection).
  • Uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to the Talelight iOS and Android smartphone applications.


  • Tough, durable construction meets the rigors of every weather and every road – including pot holes!


  • Once your Talelight is registered to your account, the only person who can download an image onto the Talelight display is someone who has your user name and password.  Only you can change your password, so the display is unusable to anyone but you.

Built-In Software Security Encryption and Protection

  • User name and password protection ensures that your Talelight only works with your account.
  • All communication between and the smartphone app uses industry standard, SLL encryption. 
  • The wireless link between the smartphone app and the Talelight display uses industry standard Bluetooth encryption techniques.
  • If you create and offer stickers for sale, encryption keeps your images protected from hackers and file sharing sites – so the only people that can display your stickers are the ones that paid for them.