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What is a Talelight?

Quite simply, Talelight is the world’s first electronic bumper sticker that lets you share your thoughts and feelings with the road in a whole new way!

Talelight has three components:

Electronic display: A road tested, low power LCD display that mounts on the back of your car and displays your bumper stickers for all to see: rugged construction high brightness full color LCD screen designed for outdoor applications and sunlight readability, IP65 tested (no problem taking it through the car wash). A creative space where you can make and buy bumper stickers. A place to manage your Talelight display and a library of all your favorite stickers. A profitable place where you can sell your sticker designs to the world. A fun place to be.

Talelight app for Android or iOS: Think of the Talelight app as the communication “bridge” between the website and your Talelight display.

How does it work?

Talelight App linked with the Talelight displayThe Talelight Display

This high resolution, high brightness, LCD display is custom designed for outdoor applications. It’s an LCD screen for the back of your car where you place creative stickers that reflect you:

  • Your current mood…Just say NO to Mondays
  • Your favorite causes or issues…It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Your pride and joy…My daughter is an A student!

Best of all, you can change your messages to suit your life, your mood and any special occasion.  Forget the old days of plastering that “Hope and Change” sticker on your bumper for the rest of your car’s life. The Talelight display can hold up to 25 images and you get to choose how – and when – your stickers display. is your go-to place for all things Talelight and it’s easy to use on all your devices – phone, tablet, desktop, you name it. This is where you can:

  • Buy bumper stickers in the Talelight Sticker store.
  • Buy Talelight displays for friends and family – makes a great gift!
  • Manage your Talelight sticker displays – what stickers to display, when and for how long.
  • Upload your own content. You can choose to keep the stickers you create just for you or sell it to the world and make a profit from your clever, creative ideas. 

Talelight app

Use your app to transfer bumper stickers from to your display.  You can also use the app to override the currently scheduled image and force a image onto the display for a period of time.  We call this our Talegate Mode.

How do I install a Talelight?

A typical Talelight installation takes between 5 and 10 minutes.  Here are the basic steps:

  1. Before using any of the included adhesives, place the Talelight where you would like to mount it on the back of your car.  Remember where the Talelight touches the car on both the left and right sides.  Also, the USB cable attaches to the top left of the Talelight display.  For aesthetic purposes, position the Talelight to minimize the amount of cable that is visible.  The bottom of the plastic Talelight enclosure includes a channel where you can discretely route the cable if you decide to place the Talelight on the right side of the rear of your car.
  2. Cut two strips of the included 3M adhesive tape to approximately one half the height of the Talelight unit and apply them to the left and right side of the unit in the area that was touching the car.  Press and hold the tape for ~15 seconds for the adhesive to set.  The 3M tape is specially designed for automotive applications and will not damage your car's paint.  Note, the more tape you use the harder it is to remove.
  3. Plug in the USB cable and wrap it around and into the interior of your automobile.  The truck lid or lift gate of your car has weather stripping around the edge which will conform itself to the USB cable and will prevent damage to the cable and the car.
  4. Using both the 3M tape and the included clear tape route the cable to either an integrated USB outlet or a 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet.  For the latter, you will need to purchase a cigarette to USB adapter capable of delivery a minimum of 2 Amperes of current (available in the Talelight store).  The adapter packaging will say something like "Output: 2A at 5V".  Take special care that the Talelight cable does not interfere with the raising and lower of your trunk lid.  Note, the included 3M tape works well in keeping the cable secured.  Only remove one of the red protective strips and use like normal singled sided tape.
You are now good to go!  Enjoy.

What can I do with Talelight?

We’ve got a few ideas, but you can come up with more. Check out ours then share yours with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

  • Browse, buy, and display bumper stickers from our sticker store. The bumper stickers you see in the store can come from anyone, anywhere – if you’ve got something you want to communicate and can capture it on a 2” x  8” LCD display, you’re good to go.
  • Create a bumper sticker yourself and display it on your Talelight displays for free!  We have found that the best tool to easily create your own bumper stickers is Microsoft PowerPoint®.  Just download the PowerPoint® template below and you will be creating your own bumper stickers in no time flat.
  • Create a bumper sticker and offer it up for sale to other Talelight owners. You can receive the proceed of these sales, less the credit card transaction fee and our service fee. Or, you can specify the bank account of an organization or charity you wish to support. This is a great way to raise money for your favorite cause.
  • Sync up Talelight to fit your life and your schedule – you can get creative with what you display, when and for how long. (See How Do I Manage My Talelight).


Can I make money on this?

You sure can. If you want to sell your sticker rather than just display it for free on your own Talelight display, you can set the price of the image to whatever you think it’s worth. If people like it, they buy it. If they buy it, you get paid. When you get paid, you get happy. It’s a win-win all around.

Three steps to making a buck (or many bucks) on your creative genius:

  1. Create a 1280 x 320 pixel .JPEG image using your favorite graphic design software package, such as Microsoft PowerPoint®, Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® Photoshop or Microsoft® Paint.
  2. Upload your sticker design, accept the Terms of Use, and submit your sticker for a quick review.
  3. As soon as it is approved it will show up in the Sticker Store where anyone can buy it.


How do I manage my Talelight?

It’s easy: Stickers. Schedules. App.  

Your mode is now on your road.

Stickers: Make some. Get some.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself some bumper stickers. Buy them or create your own and BAM – they will be waiting for you in your personal sticker library. You can assign stickers to any Talelight display registered to your account. 

Schedules: Lots of options. 

The best part of an electronic bumper stickers – after creating or buying them – is syncing your stickers to fit your mood and your schedule.

  • Rotate Your Favorites: Select the stickers you want to share with the road and simply have them rotate. Give each sticker a time limit to display and then hit the road. Once a sticker hits its time limit, the next image in the rotation is then displayed….
  • Plan Ahead: One of the coolest features of Talelight is that you can set a fixed time of day to display the sticker of your choice. Select a day (or days of the week) you wish to show the bumper sticker, say Monday through Friday. You can set your stickers to rotate every week, just like a recurring calendar event. Or, select a one-time calendar date for certain stickers. Or do both. It’s all up to you. Schedule your favorite stickers to rotate throughout the week, but schedule the “Honk, It’s My Birthday” sticker for, well, your birthday.

    PS: Remember, stickers don’t display when your car is turned off. It’s a built-in ‘save your battery’ feature. 

App: It’s like your remote. But better!

Use the Talelight app to connect your display with and all the creative, logical, profitable stuff that you can do there. The app “reads” your bumper sticker files and schedules on, then transfers that data to the Talelight display when you are close to your car.  Just press the Update Now button after connecting to your Talelight display through the app and you are up and running.

The app also collects information from the display, such as how long an image has been displayed, then sends that information back to your account on That way you can always see what’s happening with your bumper stickers in one centralized place.

You can also use the app to:

  • Go into “Talegate Mode”: Choose a bumper sticker image and force the display to show that image for a set period. We like to call this “Talegate mode” for those times when you’re, say, at the big game, and you forgot to schedule your team, fantasy football or March Madness sticker. Your app is the ticket to showing the image you want, when you want, wherever you are.
  • Check Talelight’s onboard battery.


How do you get started?

Create an account
at, buy a Talelight display, download the Talelight app and log in with your account user name and password, register your display with your account and then create or buy stickers.  Once you have the stickers in your personal library, schedule what you want on your display and off you go.


How do I create stickers?