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About Limo Mode

What is Talelight?

What is Limo Mode?

What about installation and power?

Detailed Information

How many characters can I display?

Can I overlay my company's logo?

How do I mount my Talelight?

What are the options for powering the Talelight?

How do I run Limo Mode using the internal battery?

About Talelight

Q: What is Talelight?

Talelight is the world's first and only electronic bumper sticker.  Please see the Talelight FAQ for more details.

Q: What is Limo Mode?

Limo Mode is a newly introduced feature that is focused on the ride sharing, taxi, and limousine markets.  Limo Mode allows the driver to quickly display their customer's name on the side of their vehicle using the Talelight's high brightness outdoor LCD display.  Type the name and click UPDATE NOW and your customers will love how easy it is for them to find you, day or night.

Q: What about Installation and Power?

The Talelight can either be installed permanently by mounting it with the included double sided tape and running the included USB cable to an outlet in your car or, you can run the Talelight off it's internal battery and mount it using the included Velcro strips.  See the detailed instructions below on how to run your Talelight using the internal battery.

Detailed Information

Q: How Many Characters can I Display?

The Talelight display supports large, medium, and small fonts for up to 23 typed characters at the smallest font size.  The Talelight will automatically pick the appropriate font based on the length of the customer's name.  The text can either be displayed in black (default), or red, green or blue.

Q: Can I Overlay my Company's Logo?

The typed information overlays a bumper sticker image.  With the purchase of the Talelight you receive a complimentary background image.  You can also easily create your own custom background through our standard bumper sticker development process.  See our How it Works page for more information on how to create your own images:

Q: How do I Mount my Talelight


  • Use the included double sided 3M tape which is made for automotive applications to mount the Talelight to your auto.  Only use two one to two inch long strips, as the 3M tape is very strong and, while it can be removed, it is not easy to do so.
  • Use the two included strips of Velco, in conjunction with the internal battery, for temporary mounting of your Talelight.
  • Note, another easy mounting option is to purchase a flexible magnetic strip that you mount onto the back of the Talelight.
  • Ultimation LLC is not responsible for any damage caused by improper or insufficient mounting

Q: What are the Options for Powering the Talelight?

The Talelight can be powered in one of two ways.

  • Use in included 15' USB cable to connect your Talelight permanently to one of your car's USB outlets or, to a cigarette outlet to USB adaptor (sold separately)
  • Using one of the temporary mounting solutions above (Velcro or magnet), run the Talelight off it's internal battery.  Recharge the Talelight when no longer in use.

Q: How do I Run Limo Mode Using the Internal Battery?

Follow these steps to use the Talelight in battery mode

  • Power up the Talelight by pressing the button on the lower left side of the unit
  • Once you see the power up screen, press the button again to tell the Talelight to run off of the battery.  The numbers on the lower left of the screen indicate what percent the battery is charged.
  • To save battery life, use the Display On/Off toggle in the Limo Mode page of the Talelight App to only have the display on when you are picking up a customer.
  • At the end of the day, remove the Talelight and recharge the battery by plugging it into an outlet using the included USB cable or any other standard micro-USB cable.
  • To completely turn off the Talelight to save even more battery, press and hold the power/reset button on the lower left for 10 to 15 seconds.  The Talelight will reset and after a few seconds enter into the fully off state.
Learn More about Talelight at our How it Works Page

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