The slicker bumper sticker.

Got a case of the Mondays? Election came and went? Escaping to Virginia with your special someone?

With a Talelight on your bumper, you can get your message across while it matters the most.

Choose from a wide variety of stickers available in our store, or author your own and upload.

Check Out These Third Party Reviews

GarageSpot LogoGadgetFlowDude I Want ThatGeekDadGadgeteer#TechTank

GarageSpot: "The Talelight digital bumper sticker is a great idea, and we can see it being fun during sports seasons and the like."

GadgetFlow: "The bumper sticker appears in superbly bright, high-contrast color"

Dude I Want That!!!: "Talelight makes bumper sticker expressionism way easier and way more versatile"

GeekDad: "The bottom line for me is that this is a very cool gadget. I’ve always loved the idea of bumper stickers, but I hesitated using them because I was loath to either damage my car or be stuck (pun intended) with just one or two messages forever. This ameliorates both those concerns, and allows for a lot of creativity and immediacy."

Talelight is my status update, my favorite team, who has my vote, and how I really feel about Guy Fieri.