The slicker bumper sticker.

Got a case of the Mondays? Election came and went? Escaping to Virginia with your special someone?

With a Talelight on your bumper, you can get your message across while it matters the most.

Choose from a wide variety of stickers available in our store, or author your own and upload.

Memorial Day Sale

From Friday May 26th through Memorial Day May 29th you can buy the Talelight Electronic

Bumper Sticker for a new low price of $99!

Check Out These Third Party Reviews

GarageSpot LogoGadgetFlowDude I Want ThatGeekDadGadgeteer#TechTank

GarageSpot: "The Talelight digital bumper sticker is a great idea, and we can see it being fun during sports seasons and the like."

GadgetFlow: "The bumper sticker appears in superbly bright, high-contrast color"

Dude I Want That!!!: "Talelight makes bumper sticker expressionism way easier and way more versatile"

GeekDad: "The bottom line for me is that this is a very cool gadget. I’ve always loved the idea of bumper stickers, but I hesitated using them because I was loath to either damage my car or be stuck (pun intended) with just one or two messages forever. This ameliorates both those concerns, and allows for a lot of creativity and immediacy."

Talelight is my status update, my favorite team, who has my vote, and how I really feel about Guy Fieri.